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There are other students we have been supporting consistently, not just with tuition but also their upkeep. Rev. Rodney and his church sponsored Jesse and Joel in the best schools, now they are both doing very well studying computer engineering in a college in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Joyce finished her education in an orphanage in Uganda now she is enrolled in Arusha Institute of Accounting for her first degree. Would you kindly partner with us to find schools and scholarships for these promising young boys and girls who are the future leaders.

These children above need a chance to be educated in a boarding school. If you know any school that can take or support any children from the villages of Tanzania., AFJ will be glad to partner with you. May God richly bless you.


We have supported three children above, Renso, Hannah and Oscar since they were young and now they are preparing to go to college.



 We met Pastor Chade in 2007 he could not speak any English and he could hardly write or read, he had an education of a 2nd grader but he was a man who loved God. I started encouraging him to study. Three years later, Pastor Chade shocked the AFJ participant in Kigali Rwanda when he brought graduation picture and spoke English very well. God is using him to transform his community. Below is his testimony:

Bukoba city had been plagued by poverty for many years. The thriving businesses were bars, dance halls and motels that were used as red-light districts. Many children were getting pregnant and dropping out of school, which contributed further to the deterioration of our society. In May 2007 I attended the AFJ Conference in Dar es Salaam where Dr Mordi challenged us not to only pray but to take dominion and bring changes in communities. I went back and organized the 3rd Day prayer cells. We had walk-troughs on every street and we cried out to God with one voice, denounced fear, doubt and lifted up the name of Jesus just as we had been taught.

These Sustainable Strategies to Transform Communities conferences have made the Church in Bukoba to be thriving! Many Pastors who were the poorest in the city are now business owners and have farms. One Pastor became a Mayor and Christians are taking government position. Many dance halls have closed and turned into after school programs (tutoring facilities), a Hindu temple is now a Winners Chapel Church. Our towns were once only small ran down buildings now we have multiple story buildings and a bigger airport. Praise God for AFJ and Africa Transformation Embassy, the teachings have helped us raise our thinking to God’s standards and the evidence is around for all to see that prayer of action works.