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History Mission Goals Benefits AFJ Unit Flag

A movement owned by the Body of Christ who desire to impact their communities and countries through united prayers of thanksgiving worldwide.

To unify the Body of Christ to a place of honor, dominion and influence through United Prayers of Thanksgiving and making Godly decrees every Third Saturday of the month to transform lives, communities and nations.
Raise Marketplace Ambassadors in Business, Politics, Education, Economy, Health, Technology etc

Monthly prayers and teaching sessions in cells or chapters anywhere people are interested to see good change come to their communities.
Encourage Africans and friends of Africa to see a bigger picture on how to kingdomize nations (from Sin, poverty, hopelessness, diseases, ignorance etc)
To affirm and celebrate our diversity as strength to transform communities.

(God is calling all Christians to unite and pray AFRICA to be on the shoulders of Jesus Christ.)
People of  all churches, denominations, businesses, politics etc; then will  unite and see the need for developmental projects in their communities and nation.
Use the “Praying For Africa Flag” as  a symbol and evidence of  unity with a purpose  (Africa to usher End Time United Army of God)
Speak and see righteousness exalt nations in Africa (God fearing men to be in leadership of every institution in order to benefit the masses)

Leaders in every vocation and department to own this vision and inspire others because there is a cause for Godly unity:
Anyone can participate - Church Leaders: Men, Women & Youth Groups – What is suitable for you!
Diplomats and Expatriates  -  Lawyers, Media, Business leaders, Medical Personnel,  etc;

I GO AFJ Headquarters to be well organized in every country where people desire to see God use them to unify His Body to:
Handle spiritual and physical problems of communities.  Then
Seek God’s mind concerning solutions for the problem of your family, community, country and other nations.
Encourage politicians to seek God’s wisdom to lead the people with integrity
Stand in the gap against all those who take advantage of Africa and the poor.

Chronicles 7: 14 - The Promise of God
John 17: 21- 23 - The Potential of Unity
Matthew 18: 19 - 20 - The Power of Agreement
Matthew 25: 34 - 40 -The Final Word.

Since the movement started in 1993, constant strategic prayers are going on, including humanitarian projects and conferences across Africa.  Many changes are happening and we give God the glory.  Some impossible situations are becoming possible - changes in historica  regimes  are nothing but miracles!  Some leaders are now taking actions to alleviating poverty, ignorance and diseases in different parts of Africa.  Indeed, prayers with action is Key.  We encourage all Christians, especially those who have a burden to see Godly change come and help to transform their communities and  nation, to kindly include the Third Saturday for thanksgiving prayers and decrees.  This is the End Time strategy, God  has been speaking- “Third Day Army”  IF YOU ARE INTERESTED TO KNOW MORE OR TO START A CHAPTER,  PLEASE  CONTACT US .

To identify leaders around the world who are commited to stand in the gap for the transformation of Africa.
To unify the Body of Christ with the common purpose, vision, concern and dedication to declare Africa for Jesus.
To promote the praying for Africa banner of unity in every nation.
To establish meaninful solutions to eliminate poverty, disease, illiteracy and bring hope and dignity to the needy through humanitarian projects around Africa.

To make
an eternal difference in nations.
To fellowship and build relationships with other leaders worldwide.
Broaden one's vision on a national and international scale.
One's experience and talents will be enhanced, and impact more people from different parts of the world.
Travel to other parts of the world for conferences and humnaitarian mission projects, (building schools, shelters, clinics, etc.
Know the heads of State of every African country.
Enjoy divine favors through serving others in the Body of Christ.

AFJ Unity Flag





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